Master Real Estate Award 2012 - Patio Victor Malzoni


SAO PAULO - Companies and ventures winners of the 18th Master Real Estate Award were announced on Tuesday by the Housing Union of São Paulo (Secovi-SP) and the International Federation of Real Estate Professionals (Fiabi / Brazil), organizers of the awards that have group support State.

Among the more than 70 registered projects in the country were selected 16 that stood out within the categories Ventures (commercial and residential) and professionals (marketing, marketing, institutional, heritage preservation and social responsibility).

The Brookfield Group was honored with the grand prize Hors-Concours. The organizers stressed the long history of the company, which began operations in Brazil in 1899 with the Sao Paulo Tramway Light & Power, responsible for installing more than 100 miles of track for trams in the capital city. The São Paulo Tramway evolved through mergers and acquisitions, led to divisions focused on the real estate segment and assumed global brand Brookfield in 2009.


According to the organizers, the award-winning projects show that the market has followed the technological registered outside the country, with attention to sustainability, conditions for a good quality of life of its users, and alignment to the principles of a smart occupation of cities.

The projects awarded in the category were:


Único Guarulhos, Guarulhos, SP (residential)

Cury Construction and Incorporated


Grand Lider Olympus, in Belo Horizonte (residential)

Cyrela Brazil Realty


Patio Victor Malzoni in São Paulo (commercial)

Brookfield Group and Victor Malzoni


Port Brasilis, in Rio de Janeiro (commercial)

fiber Experts


Advance in Brasilia

JCGontijo Engineering, Engineering and ECAP Victoria Developments and Holdings (Commercial)



Centro Empresarial José Alencar Gomes da Silva in Brasilia (commercial)

Paulo Octavio Real Estate Investments


Cajamar Industrial Park in Cajamar-SP (commercial)

Prologis-CCP and Engineering LIBERCON


Building Gallery, in Rio de Janeiro (commercial)

Tishman Speyer


The winning projects and ventures in professional category were:


Ca'' d'' Oro São Paulo - The rescue of a city icon (marketing)

Brookfield, Anastassiadis Archote Concepts and Advertising


Restoration House Bandeirista of Moema, Sao Paulo (heritage preservation)

Brookfield Group and Victor Malzoni


Rochaverá Corporate Towers, in São Paulo (marketing)

CBRE Consulting in Brazil


New Petrolina - Intelligence brings real estate sales record. Project in Petrolina-PE (marketing and sales)

CIA Intelligence and Coordination


Ecocil Ecogarden Ponta Negra, Natal (marketing)

Ecocil Incorporations S / A


Helbor Concept - Life, and Corporate Office in Mogi das Cruzes, SP (marketing)

Helbor MPD Ventures and Engineering


Brazilian Real Estate Market Yearbook 2011 (institutional)



Roles of Life - Practice environmental responsibility in Reserva do Paiva, in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Pernambuco (CSR)

Odebrecht Real Estate Developments


Source: www.Estadao.com.br/Negocios



Errata da revista AU (ago/12) sobre a ficha técnica do Pátio Malzoni.


STJ - Superior Tribunal de Justiça acaba de prolatar decisão histórica para o Setor de Projetos de Arquitetura e Engenharia

Decidindo de maneira unanime recurso extraordinário da CPOS - Companhia Paulista de Obras e Serviços, o STJ acaba de decidir que o autor do projeto básico pode participar da licitação para elaboração do decorrente projeto executivo.

A lei de licitações (8.666) veda a participação do autor do projeto básico na licitação de obras e serviços, sem qualquer referencia as licitações de projeto executivo, que ainda pela legislação e boas praticas deve sempre preceder a licitação de obra.

Antes de uma boa obra deve sempre existir um bom projeto.